Happy April #MNtech! We’re setting you up for a round up of some of the best FULLY VIRTUAL tech (and a few non-tech) events that our community has to offer. Enjoy!

April 6th – April 11th

Tuesday: Learn Graph (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: Technology Startup Founders helping Founders Meetaway (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: Employable in 2030: Closing the Skills Gap (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: MN Cup: Student Division Program Info Session (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: Coffee & Closers: Closing in Quarantine (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday – Wednesday: LeadDev Live (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: Setting up Email Sequences to Convert (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: Dare to Lead: Armoring Up (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: GraphQL MN April 2020 meeting (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: How (and Why) My Business Started in a Recession, by Chris Kelly (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: Women Who Code HackNight (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: Remote Revolution: How to Build Culture in Distributed Teams (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: COVID 19 Open-Source Community Collaboration Challenge (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: PyMNtos Presentation Night (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: Pollen: Are You Ok MN? (VIRTUAL)
Friday: The Coven x Lunar Startups Present: Fix It Friday (VIRTUAL)
Saturday – Saturday: Hack the Gap: Virtual COVID Hackathon (VIRTUAL)

April 12th – April 18th

Tuesday: MinneAMA: So You’re Thinking of Joining an Accelerator (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: Techquity: Tech Talk – Build It (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: AI & ML Online Developer Summit (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: WordPress Help Session (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: Improve Your Slack (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday – Wednesday: IoT Fuse 2020 (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Succeed in 2020 (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: Manage Your Mind, Master Your Money (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: Red Wing Ignite: Marketing in the Morning (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: Women in Agile: Remote Work and Tactical Empathy (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: Go, meet Lua: Using Lua in Go and vice-versa! (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: How to Bind a 3rd Party Library for Xamarin (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: Pollen: Are You Ok MN? (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: SEED SPOT 2-Day Launch Camp Applications Due (DEADLINE)
Thursday: Cultivate Career Agility: How to Create Your Edge (VIRTUAL)
Friday: The Coven x Lunar Startups Present: Fix It Friday (VIRTUAL)
Friday: The Future of Flour & CannaBusiness (VIRTUAL)
Friday: ImpactSKU Accelerator Applications Due (DEADLINE)
Friday: MN Cup Applications Due (DEADLINE)
Saturday: Hack the Gap Demo Day (VIRTUAL)

April 19th – April 25th

Sunday: Women in Podcasting (VIRTUAL)
Monday: Talk Data to Me: Impacting Business Through Analytics (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: Defining Success for Yourself (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: Growth Marketing | How To Create Growth Strategies (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: MinneAMA: How to Rock Pair Programming (VIRTUAL EVENT)
Thursday: Pollen: Are You Ok MN? (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: How She Got There (VIRTUAL)
Friday: Assembling Online: Disrupting Data Governance (VIRTUAL)
Friday: The Coven x Lunar Startups Present: Fix It Friday (VIRTUAL EVENT)
Saturday: (mini) Minnebar (VIRTUAL)

April 26th – April 30th

Monday: The Art of the Alt Tag (VIRTUAL)
Monday: Inside the Design Studio (VIRTUAL)
Tuesday: Break Into Product Management (VIRTUAL)
Wednesday: The Future of ESports After COVID-19 (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: Adulting 101 (VIRTUAL)
Thursday: Pollen: Are You Ok MN? (VIRTUAL)

What did we miss? Let us know at support@minnestar.org.