Happy April #MNtech! We made it to spring – and this is one BIG month. As always, we’re setting you up for a round up of some of the best virtual tech (and a few non-tech) events that our community has to offer. Enjoy!

(The *️⃣  symbol denotes a Minnestar event)


  • Twin Cities Mutual Aid Project: Donate, volunteer and contribute to this open source real time map of Twin Cities food donation and volunteer opportunities HERE

April 1st – April 3rd

*️⃣  Thursday: MinneAMA: The Journey from Side Project to Full Time Business
Thursday: What do engineers think about scaling agile
Thursday: Blockchain 101 : What is Bitcoin, ICO’s and other uses of this technology?
Thursday: Facial Animation Generation with Applications in Educational Psychology
Friday: Introduction to Cardano

April 4th – April 10th

Tuesday: Hackers and Founders Minneapolis
Wednesday: PM Power Boost: Utilize Digital Whiteboards with Miro
Wednesday: Power BI Meetup
Wednesday: She Talks Data: Minneapolis with Emily Woolever
Wednesday: TC Drupal: Webforms in Practice
Thursday: Navigation Show-and-Tell
Thursday: MN Azure User Group: Quantum Computing
Thursday: HashiCorp Vault Discussion with Dan McTeer
Thursday: Practical Mutation Testing at Scale: A View from Google

April 11th – April 17th

Tuesday: Mpls Junior Devs
Tuesday: Minneapolis WordPress Help Session
Tuesday: R Ladies: Building and using lmeresampler for hierarchical linear models
*️⃣  Wednesday: MinneAMA: How to Nail a Pair Talk
Wednesday: Scrum R.O.I. with Shawn Filosi
Wednesday: Women Who Code April HackNight
Thursday: BETA Spring Showcase
Thursday: Techstars Sustainability Summit
Thursday: Intro To Data Analytics: Tableau Basics
Thursday: Founders Live Minneapolis
Friday: Walleye Tank Spring 2021
Friday: Data Viz Coffee & Donuts (virtual edition)
Friday: An Intro to the Basics of Capture the Flags (CTFs)
Friday: Final Day to Apply to Minnesota Cup
Saturday: Red Wing WordPress Helpdesk & Hacking

April 18th – April 24th

Monday: Blacks in Tech MSP April Chapter Meeting
Tuesday: Twin Cities Agile Coach Monthly Gathering
Tuesday: Front-end Frameworks, Back-end Databases, and GraphQL
Wednesday: IGDATC: Twin Cities Playtest
Wednesday: NFT’s & How Blockchain is Changing Digital Media
*️⃣  Thursday: Techies Who Jam
Thursday: Entrepreneurs’ Rally IX
Thursday: Resources for Underrepresented Founders
Thursday: AngelPolleNation Minneapolis
Thursday: April Twin Cities Tableau User Group (Hybrid)
Thursday: Brain Building Blueprints: 4 Simple Steps to Create Interactive Workshops
Saturday: Impact Hub Earth Day DIY Cleanup

April 25th – April 30th

*️⃣  Monday: Techies Who Meditate
*️⃣  Tuesday: Techies Who Craft
*️⃣  Tuesday: Techies Who Eat & Drink
Tuesday: Twin Cities Agile Book Club
Tuesday: Hacking the Gap in Tech
*️⃣  Wednesday: Techies Who Play D&D
Wednesday: White Privilege 101 Workshop
Wednesday: Power BI Showcase (Virtual Event)
Wednesday: JavaScriptMN Monthly Event
Wednesday: Jobs and Reimagining Our Future
Thursday: Mental Health in the Workplace

What did we miss? Let us know at support@minnestar.org.