Welcome to March! It’s another big month for #MNtech so we’re setting you up for a round up of some of the best tech (and a few non-tech) events that our community has to offer.

March 1st – March 9th

Friday: The Business Conversation with guest Kurt Schmidt at Fueled Collective (COCO)
Saturday: AI, Knowledge Representation and Graph Databases at Veritas
Saturday: PyLadies – Learn Python Study Group For Beginners at Hodges Bend
Saturday: FREE Kids Coding Bootcamp at Code Ninjas
Monday: JanusGraph on Apache Cassandra at Object Partners
Monday: PyLadies – Intermediate Python Practice Group at Bordertown Coffee
Monday: Matrix Profile: Research to Enterprise at Sisyphus Brewing
Tuesday: JavaMN March Meetup at Poor Richard’s Commonhouse
Tuesday: Open Twin Cities – St. Paul Monthly Meetup at Granicus
Tuesday: Blockchain 101 at Real World One
Tuesday: Getting Started in Data Science at TBD
Tuesday: Hackers and Founders Minneapolis at Utepils Brewing
Wednesday: Entrepreneurs’ Rally VIII at University of St. Thomas
Wednesday: 2019 Overview of Healthcare Innovation Projects in MN at Schulze Hall
Wednesday: Delivering Successful Robotic Process Automation at U.S. Bank at Pinstripes
Wednesday: Intro to JavaScript: Build a Guessing Game at TBD
Wednesday: AngularMN March Meetup: David Stanich w/ Angular Elements at Virtuwell
Thursday: March Azure User Group: Azure Notebooks – Jupyter for the Cloud at Microsoft
Thursday: Scaled Agile Minnesota March MeetUp at Centennial Lakes Building V
Thursday: Twin Cities .NET: Improving Web Performance at ILM
Thursday: How to Build a Magento Site From Scratch Pt. 2 at Irish Titan
Thursday: New IoT Data (Time Series) Workshop at Knowledge Conferences HQ
Friday: FeMNist Day: Showcase, Workshops & Night Market at multiple locations
Friday: 2019 Tech Cities Conference at UofM
Friday – Saturday: 2019 Midwest PHP Conference at Radisson Blu Mall of America
Saturday: Baseball Hack Day at Sportradar
Saturday: Northfield CoderDojo at Greenvale Park Elementary School

March 10th – March 16th

Monday: Spring User Group: What WAS and What Can Be at Open Book
Thursday: Grow North: Pitching Your Brand to the Media at The Good Acre
Tuesday: Empathy in Product: Put on Your Oxygen Mask Before Assisting at WORKSHOP
Tuesday: ServiceNow Developer Meetup at TBD
Tuesday: Mobile Twin Cities: Re-Branding User Retention at InboxDollars at TBD
Tuesday: WordPress Help Session at Mojo Coffee Gallery
Tuesday: Mpls Junior Devs at Prime Digital Academy
Wednesday: Twin Cities Data Visualization at Cargill
Wednesday: Women Who Code HackNight at Object Partners
Wednesday: clojure.mn: Monthly meeting at TBD
Thursday: Auto Speech Recognition: Hidden Markov Models & Deep Learning at TBD
Thursday: PyMNtos 10th Anniversary Meeting and Celebration at The Nerdery
Thursday: Inaugural Augmented Reality Meetup at Kieran’s
Thursday: Women in Engineering Science and Technology Meetup at Target
Friday: Beta.mn Spring Cohort Applications Due

March 17th – March 23rd

Monday: “Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change” talk at Common Roots
Monday: WingerDojo at Red Wing Ignite
Tuesday: DevOps Minneapolis: Code reviews: that’s a great idea! at SportsEngine
Tuesday: Minnestar & MN Cup St Cloud Lunch & Learn at Capitol One Cafe
Wednesday: Minnestar & MN Cup Duluth Meetup at UMD
Wednesday: MSP Women Who WordPress at Ackmann & Dickenson
Wednesday: Principles of Chaos Engineering – Tales from the Field at DevJam
Wednesday: Event Processing with Go at Object Partners
Wednesday: Free Crash Course | JavaScript Fundamentals at TBD
Wednesday: Minne Inno’s State of Innovation Meetup at Osborn370
Thursday: University of Minnesota Coding Boot Camp Demo Day at WeWork Capella
Thursday: Either Ag IoT or Data Privacy and Security IoT Enabled By Tokens at TBD
Thursday: Monthly R Ladies Meeting: Writing websites in R with blogdown! at St Thomas
Thursday: Testing Ansible with Vagrant at Calabrio
Thursday: React Minneapolis March Meetup at Object Partners
Thursday: Graveti: The 9-5’er VS The Side Hustler at Lunar Startups
Friday: Office Politics: Dismantling Racism in the Workplace at Clockwork

March 24th – March 31st

Monday: Accessibility Twin Cities: ARIA – Apply Sparingly at Industrious
Monday: Ruby.mn Monthly Meetup at TBD
Tuesday: League of Extraordinary Algorithms: Sequence Models at U Garden
Wednesday: JavaScript MN Monthly Meetup at space150
Wednesday: Techquity Speed Interviewing at Osborn370
Wednesday: AURI: Innovation in Ag & Food Reverse Pitch Event at Marriott West
Thursday: Cloud Native And Kubernetes Minneapolis at Microsoft
Thursday: Twin Cities R User Group at Macalester
Thursday: The Business Conversation with guest Brent Stickels at Fueled Collective
Friday: HALICON 2019 at Optum

What did we miss? Let us know at support@minnestar.org.