Happy November #MNtech – as always, we’re setting you up for a round up of some of the best virtual tech (and a few non-tech) events that our community has to offer. Enjoy!


  • Twin Cities Mutual Aid Project: Donate, volunteer and contribute to this open source real time map of Twin Cities food donation and volunteer opportunities HERE

November 15th – November 21st

Tuesday: Jam Session: Bias in AI
Tuesday: PASSMN (Minnesota SQL Server User Group)
Tuesday: Twin Cities Agile Coach Group
Tuesday: Using Puppeteer for Automated Web Testing and other Nefarious Activities
Wednesday: She Talks Data: Book Club (My Own Words)
Wednesday: November Golang Meetup
Wednesday: 1 Million Cups MSP
Wednesday: Launch Minnesota 1 Year Celebration
Thursday: Midwest Bootstrappers Breakfast
Thursday: MN Enterprise Mobile: Using Sentry.io to Instrument Your Xamarin Apps
Thursday: Women in Agile Twin Cities: Amplifying Your Voice In the Community
Thursday: The Coven: Black Joy Coffee Hour
Friday: MN GIS/LIS-UMN Virtual Career Fair
Friday: The Coven: Fix It Friday
Saturday: Red Wing WordPress: WordPress Helpdesk & Hacking
Saturday: PyLadies: Beginner Interview Prep: Paired Programming on Zoom

November 22nd – November 30th

Tuesday: MinneAMA: Accessible Design & Development
Wednesday: JavaScriptMN Monthly Meetup
Monday: Accessibility Live: How AT Really Interacts with Your Website

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