We asked, you delivered! Take a trip down memory lane and check out 11 of the most talked about demos in our 11 years of Minnedemo:


Crowd fave from Minnedemo25, TroutSpotr uses open source data to help anglers find safe and public trout streams (video courtesy of Tech.mn)

Kid Around Town

At Minnedemo20, we heard from Kid Around Town which helps families leverage digital screen addiction to create lasting memories while exploring their world.


Minnedemo13 brought us this demo from SmartThings, which created a mobile platform for people to monitor and control their home. SmartThings raised $1.2 million in their Kickstarter campaign that year, and went on to get acquired by Samsung in 2014.

Player’s Health

Minnedemo25 brought us a demo from Player’s Health, which provides athletic organizations with medical information and injury reporting via a HIPAA compliant mobile app to manage the health and care of youth athletes (video courtesy of Tech.mn). Player’s Health took the top prize at the international Google Demo Day in 2016.


At Minnedemo24, Termi showed off their connected intelligent rodent mitigation platform that provides real-time capture alerts and activity data, plus predictive rodent analytics to protect your property (video courtesy of Tech.mn)


Minnedemo23 brought us HabitAware, a smart bracelet and app designed to help sufferers of Trichotillomania, Dermatillomania, and other body-focused repetitive behavior (video courtesy of Tech.mn)


Now called Particle, Spark presented at Minnedemo13. The Spark Socket screws into any standard lightbulb socket, and connects to the internet over the Wi-Fi connection in your home, so that you can control your lights from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.


After conceiving the idea at Hack the Gap, Talkative-Chef showcased at Minnedemo25. Talkative-Chef is a voice interactive web app that allows you to look up a recipe online and steps you through it using voice interactive technology (video courtesy of Tech.mn)

Pivot Interactives

Minnedemo26 brought us Pivot Interactives, which makes interactive video-based exploration spaces that let students learn science by doing science.


Minnedemo9 showcased this homebuilt password generator and storage device (video courtesy of Tech.mn)

BoomBoom Prints

At Minnedemo18, we heard from BoomBoom Prints – a company run by new moms & dads that allows you to customize artwork from amazing artists around the country.

Aurora Wearables

Last but not least, at Minnedemo20 we had Aurora Wearables (makers of the Tweet Skirt) – showing how LEDs and internet connectivity can create clothing you can communicate with