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Minnestar exists to bring together Minnesota’s technology community. Our goal is to promote connections that help our community learn from each other, build their businesses, and start new entrepreneurial ventures. We aim to foster an environment to connect software developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and investors.


Contributing to the Tech Community for over 16 years

Prepping for your demo is of utmost importance. Bring your own presentation device and any other special hardware you require to present. We provide an HDMI cable, a VGA cable and Mac VGA adapter. Have a back-up plan (local copy) in case the Wi-Fi/Internet does not work. If you have special A/V needs let us know and we’ll see if we can help! REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR ADAPTERS

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Timing is everything. Seven minutes to show and tell- who you are, your product and technology, and how you built it. Use your time wisely and plan accordingly!



This is a demo of your technical products (hardware or software), not a presentation of your marketing materials. It is ok to use a video to aid in demonstrating something difficult, but it should be only a small portion of your demo.



Use a timer and make your seven minutes count! Upwards of 700 peers could be seeing your demo, so review our Code of Conduct before presenting and come ready to rock.


In early 2006, Ben Edwards organized the first Minnesota BarCamp (un)conference, which he dubbed Minnebar. The first event attracted about 100 people to the Warehouse District in Minneapolis. Luke Francl, who volunteered at that first event, went on to start the first Minnedemo event—a geek “show-n-tell” for Minnesota-made technology—in the fall of 2006. minnestar (pronounced “minny star”) was founded 2009 to bring a series of events and programs under one organization.

Minnestar has organized dozens events that have attracted thousands of people. Hundreds of presenters have shared their knowledge at MinneBar, and dozens of projects—from weekend hacks to funded startups—have been demonstrated at Minnedemo.

In 2011, minnestar decided to make it official, and formed a 501(c)3 organization with a Board of Directors and Advisory Board comprised of community leaders. We have exciting plans, and look forward to what the future brings!



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